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#1 19 Nov 2018 7:45 pm


Vans Disney Cyber Monday Sale

Some of today’s hottest hip-hop Vans Authentic Cyber Monday Sale have been snapped in a pair of Old Skools, helping them become a staple of today’s street style wardrobe. We’re talking guys like Kanye, A$AP Rocky, Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator (who’s Golf Wang company dropped a sweet collab with Vans on Old Skools back in 2015).

What’s black and white and being seen all over? Vans Disney Cyber Monday Sale. Vans, specifically in black and white has taken over Instagram and street style, grabbed by fashion editors and rappers who have nothing to do with skateboarding. Perhaps it’s because of how easily they pair with almost every outfit. Here are Green Label-approved outfit tips for this classic/of-the-moment sneaker. Bonus points if you try a few at once!

Originally introduced by Vans Old Skool Cyber Monday Sale in 1977 as “Style 36  before being renamed, the Old Skool has become an iconic piece of skateboard and California inspired fashion, and one of the best selling Vans shoes ever produced.



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